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Home of Muay Thai

Taking A Deep Dive Into Thai Boxing

Thai boxing isn’t just another variation of boxing but it is a traditional martial art. Referred to as Muay Thai, Thai boxing is a martial art that not only uses fists but also kicks, knees, and elbows, as well. This is an incredibly popular sport throughout Thailand that can be found practiced virtually everywhere. Popular as a martial art, as a mainstream sport, understanding Muay Thai or Thai Boxing (the two terms will be used interchangeably from now on) better will not only help you appreciate the sport but also get a great understanding of just why it is so popular.

Read on to learn more!

Brief History of Thai Boxing

This martial art is often referred to as “The science of eight limbs.” The reason for this is because of the focus on using very specific points of the body for combat. Hands, feet, knees, elbows, each person has two of each which is how that name comes to be. Muay Thai focuses on using all these parts of the body from the left side and right side in order to create an efficient and effective fighting style that uses a wide array of moves and options to get the job done.

Modern Thai boxing is actually a blend of different kickboxing martial arts, as Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia all have their version of similar styles of kickboxing based martial arts. When looking at modern Muay Thai that is recognized as the current national martial art of Thailand, that style is specifically descended from three main places: Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong, and the military use of weapons being replaced with body parts. That combination has helped create this style, the blend of which took the name of Muay Thai in the 1920s.

While there are standard sized gloves in today’s Thai boxing, originally hands would be wrapped in leather straps or rope. In the unregulated days headbutts were allowed (they are not now) and those old 80’s action movies showing shards of shells or glass being ground into the hand wraps? That actually did happen in some unregulated fights.

A National Obsession

Muay Thai is the official national sport of Thailand and to say that fans there are obsessed with the sport is an understatement to just how dedicated they are. This sport can be found in giant arenas, in small village gyms, and everywhere in between. If you are visiting a settlement of any size, chances are you will be able to find a Thai boxing match going on somewhere. Alongside some of the most legendary brands and shops selling the best Muay Thai gloves in the nation.

A Note On Style

One thing that sticks out to many who watch this sport is that it sometimes seems to be a bit slower than MMA or boxing in that the speed of the fighters doesn’t appear as fast – but that can be a bit deceiving. Not only can well-trained and experienced fighters move deceptively quickly but because the full body is turned into blows, the kicks, punches, and even blocks have been described as devastating since the full body goes into them. Many experienced fighters in one style will move to Muay Thai and describe it as feeling like they were getting hit by a truck…or hitting one when they were blocked.

In Conclusion

Muay Thai is a remarkable combat sport, and likely the best known form of full contact kickboxing in the world. It’s popularity has grown well outside the limits of Thailand and southeast Asia, and there’s little doubt that its popularity is only going to continue to grow as combat sports keep growing around the world. This is a remarkable and unique sport taking speed, skill, and involving some serious fighting skills.

North Thailand Cuisine

The Lanna Thai kingdom of Thailand.

Like its customs, language, and architecture, northern Thailand has a cuisine that is largely distinct – one more aspect of everyday life that contributes to the flavor of independent culture. It certainly contrasts with central Thai cooking and many of the really typical local dishes are impossible to find in Bangkok, but the influences of neighboring regions are clearly felt. As in so many northern temples, the food has an overlay of much that is Laotian and Burmese.

The staple of the Lanna diet is not the soft, fragrant boiled rice of the Central Plains but is “sticky rice”, a different strain. Known locally as “Khaaw niow“, cooking is by steaming, and eating it with fingers, each person kneading successive small handfuls into a small ball to scoop up food from commual dishes.

Sticky rice is essentially Laotian, as are also the special spicy dips of the North. Known generically as “Nam phrik“, these are found all over Thailand, but the North has its unique varieties. Nam phrik ong is relatively mild, made with minced pork and tomatoes and sometimes unkindly referred to as “Thai spaghetti sauce; an essential accompaniment is crispy pork skin (kap mu). Nam phrik num is fierier, being principally a bowl of pounded young green chilies that are a few inches long. Nam phrik tadaeng (‘Redeye Dip”) is made from dried up chilies and should also be approached with caution. (Advice for sensitive palates: a mouthful of rice is a more effective emergency treatment for a chili attack than a glass of water.)

Burmese influence can be tasted in two of the North’s most famous dishes – Gaeng hang ley and Khao soi. Gaeng hang ley is a thick pork curry, slightly sweetish, made with a distinctive combination of ginger, tamarind, turmeric, and curry. Khao soi is an egg-noodle luncheon dish with a lavish helping of thick curry broth and chicken, pork or beef as preferred. Its essential toppings are shallots, pickled vegetables (phak dong), and wedges of lime.

Northern food is not only regional cooking, but also country cooking chilies on flavors that are robust rather than delicate. Few fierier sources are rejected, as a stroll around any market will reveal.

Though not typical restaurant fare, the ubiquitous water buffalo makes a culinary appearance as Laap. This chopped meat dish, garnished with pulverized rice, chili, and other spices, including mint, is at its most traditional when eaten raw; the slightly bitter taste discernable in a genuine.

Insects also add to the exoticism of Lanna cuisine – you can witness the giant water beetles called Maengda for sale in the markets with their legs neatly tied. When pounded in a mortar and put into dishes they impart and aromatic, perfumed flavor reminiscent of pear-drops, but they can also be eaten whole, as a crunchy snack (if your visit is out of season, look for the pickled Maengda). There are even more localized specialties within the North Thailand.